By Any Means Necessary Fall 2016 Lookbook Video

Through Clothing We Explore Our Current Militarized Society Of Survival Of The Fittest And Most Creative. This Collections Main Objective Is To Show That Fashion Is Fiction And Thus We Are Dressing The Part Of Soldiers And Fighters.  Muted Colors With Custom Camouflage Prints, High End Concepts Mixed With Streetwear Comfort. We Are Proud That "By Any Means Necessary," Is Now Available For Your Fall Wardrobe.

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The Trigger Point Capsule Collection for Summer 2016 is a small capsule where we implement some new core pieces such as the "Accent Shorts" and "Muscle T-Shirts." With the summer version of our trademark Triple Layer shirt now being formed into a summer suited tank top the "Trigger Point" capsule is a small step forward in the direction we are pushing the brand towards. Our overall militant attitude must be honed in for the time period and though summer is the slowest season on the fashion calendar and little to nothing can be worn as far as layering we feel Trigger Point is both forward enough and essential enough for the season. Limited in quantity, the quality is its usual exceptional and we have added some alternate logo branding for added value. The fabrics are rich and comfortable and the overall aesthetics are interchangeable. Check out a few images below and be sure to see the full look book! 



What Do You Prefer Better Details or Quality?

The "Rousteing Shirt," Exemplifies Both. Look Deep Into That High End, Premium Fabric. You Wont Find It Outside #HFLA#OutfitGrid by #HommeFemmeLA Staff





Girl Translator...Follow me on Instagram for more: @imjakepaulW: Alissa Violet & Neels Visser

Posted by Jake Paul on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Vine StarJake Paul (@ImJakepaul) rocks our Grey Triple Layer Shirt in this hilarious Girl Translator video that per usual has went viral with Neels Visser and Alissa Violet. Shows the reach and versatility of our trademark shirt that the first generation of the design is still being exposed to more and more people. 12 Million hits overall and crazy on Facebook too. #HFLA #HommeFemmela

HFLA x Odell Beckham Jr

February 10, 2016

Hommefemmela x Odell Beckham Jr (@iam_objxiii). We stand in a lane of our own.

Major Key Alert

February 10, 2016


















Showing love to your OG’s?
#HFLA fam @losangelesconfidential in our Blue Jackson Denim Jacket.

Bombs Away

January 10, 2016












 Can we talk our shit for a quick second? Don't want to pop off too hard because humility means a lot in this industry and life in general, but... 


#HFLA started two years and 7 months ago to this day. Every day has been a learning experience and every day this big chip sits on our shoulders. Every day we wake up trying to prove more. Many doubters and far more supporters drive us and for that all we can do is keep going hard. 2016 for us is bombs away. Better Better Better! 


Our New site layout now features a unique email me when a product restocks feature. One week with that feature and you guys have requested the Classic Bomber and Future Hoodie Beige the most. Of course we will listen to the people and restock but how about some new twist! 

Introducing Our Classic Bomber Jacket take two. Updated Hardware will now be YKK Premium Zippers, Genuine Leather Stripes and an elevated Nylon Material. Once you slide the jacket on, middle eastern silk will be smooth on your skin. Oh yes and not to forget a thicker ribbing material and back arm stitch seams for that current style. On a scale of one to ten with our old jacket being a 10, this elevated bomber is a 15. We will continue to elevate our product and construct it for its longevity. Pre-Order Tuesday $120, or pick it up on drop day February 13th for $150. Love Your Support #HommeFemmeLA


Photo'd @Orcinooo @Jennalyyy Picture Credit @Avspz

Deep Olive Classic Bomber


Middle Eastern Silk Lining Like Butter

Back Arm Seems Elevate Your Profile


New York Giants Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. In Our Black Classic Bomber


 Future "@Future" Taking Flight In The Classic Bomber Jacket

Chris Brown First Ever In The Classic Bomber


K-Pop Star of Group F(x) Amber Liu @llama_ajol

Three Moves Ahead

November 04, 2015

I guess when your stars align
You do like the solar system and plan it out

-Big Sean, "Blessings"

To Follow up on, "The Process And The Future Pullover," blog below here we are in the process of selling and producing our first collection of 2016. The fashion game goes like this for us... 1. Idea, 2. Putting that idea on paper, 3. Bringing that idea/product to life, 4. Editing that idea/product and making it better, 5. Photo-shoot, 6. Sales, 7. Production, 8. Marketing, 9.Delivering and finally the most important part selling the fuck out of it and if you missed out, maybe pay closer attention. If you made it through that paragraph of steps to sum it up, we are now producing our first collection of 2016. It is set to deliver early february and yes here are some peeks. We plan on being here for a while, so lets start archiving things. Homme + Femme 2016 (Current Year), Year 03 (Our Years In Business), Delivery One (First Of 4 Deliveries). Your continued support of #HFLA keeps us going. Your input is gold and for your loyalty we will never sleep until each and every one of you is proud of us! Holiday drops in two weeks, its Lit! The Holiday Look-book will drop soon with the blog of course! Heres three months ahead tho, three moves ahead because your in tune with us. Work Ethic is our 2016 Direction. Our advise, dream it, plan it, accomplish it. #HFLA 




Future Hoodies Are Now Available in Limited Quantities. After A Successful Fall Drop and Right Before Our Anticipated Holiday Delivery, The Future Hoodie Is The Perfect Staple Hoodie To Add To Your Growing Homme + Femme Wardrobe. The Mint, Black, Beige and Off White Color Pallet Will Keep All Eyes On You As The Cold Blows Right By!
Features: A water resistant super functional neoprene fabric features a padded hood, front pocket and back zipper for style and comfort adjustments. Runs big so size down if you prefer a tight fit.