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About Us



From May 2013 Homme + Femme Los Angeles has been at the front of change and aggressive risk. In our inception we made the decision that if we were given even a small opportunity we would capitalize on it. #HFLA short for Homme + Femme Los Angeles is the change the Game needs. We are the unassociated, unexpected band of men and women, boys and girls who are the change. “Live Aggressive,” “Live Ambitious.” We started with eight-hundred dollars cash and a vision of the future. We thought a Hockey Sweater would be a good idea for 2013 and they said it would not sell in the summer or at all. It in fact has us even talking about a Brand because it gave us the attention of you, our customer who may not understand us but will love us.  We work hard every day collectively to create products that challenge the status quo. And we do that simply for every human being who wants to live their life on their terms.  We respect the for fathers and road pavers but we are in this solely to make it possible that kids with no reason doing what we do, can do exactly what we are doing. We are making clothing for Men and Women, Boys and Girls of no specific ethnicity, financial backround or orientation. We make clothes for the modern human who seeks to grow forward. As #HFLA continues to push forward we do not want to be boxed in and identified with anything else. We seek individuality. We seek to inspire the Human race to grow beyond paradigms and social expectation. We plan on growing, we guarantee the best communication and we ask you don’t shy away from adding to our story.

 #HFLA Team

 Drew, Twan, Nia, Christian, Byron, Gabe, Ryan, Cedric, Juwan, Amir, Vashon, Josh, Sean, Mims, Biz, Brenden, Akeem, Charli and everyone who supports!