From May 2013 Homme + Femme Los Angeles has been at the front of change and aggressive risk. Since the beginning we wanted to make products that challenged traditional fashion and we made the decision that if we were given even a small opportunity we would capitalize on it. #HFLA short for Homme + Femme Los Angeles is the change the Game needs. We are the unassociated, unexpected band of men and women, boys and girls who are the change. We started this brand with only eight-hundred dollars cash and a vision of the future. With no help from investors or role models we work hard every day collectively to create products that challenge common thoughts of fashion. We respect the fashion legends and the staples that have come before us and we seek to make thought provoking new modern styles as well as add our own twist to old classics. Fashion is fiction and we want to tell the story of High End and High Quality street fashion from our point of view. Growing up in inner city Los Angeles we have experienced the highs and lows of culture and our taste is as diverse as can be. We do this to inspire every kid around the world with a dream to chase their dreams. We are making clothing for Men and Women, Boys and Girls of no specific ethnicity, financial background or sexual preference. We make clothes for the modern millennial who seeks to grow forward in their style. As #HFLA continues to push forward we do not want to be boxed in and identified with anything else. We seek individuality. We seek to inspire the Human race to grow beyond paradigms and social expectation. 

 #HFLA Team : Drew, Twan, Byron, Akeem, Josh, Sean, Brendan, Juwan, Nia, Charli, Gabe, Bridgette, Christian, Scott, Larry and Everyone Not Mentioned Who Has Helped Along The Way