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HFLA has come a long way from the founders’ garages. Young creative entrepreneurs decided to fire back at the establishment gatekeepers by creating a product that would gather attention. Rather than going the old traditional way and dealing with hurdles and obstacles created to keep the little man down, HFLA sought to crash the party. The collective created its core products, which included the Coco and Lagerfeld Hockey Sweaters. These pieces paid homage to fashion pillars and were a global success. From the first second it was taken off the mall printers kiosks, the sweater was much sought after. The quality, demand and scarcity of the product made for a unique position for HFLA. The product was knocked off and devalued by many people and this further pushed the Homme + Femme #HFLA name. Now, the collective has decided to further venture out into the fashion industry.

There were two choices: fold up and cash in the earnings or continue down an unclear and tough road. Defiant as the collective is, we decided to reinvest into the now global brand and move forward from step one. Spending endless hours studying, researching and experimenting through trial and error, the collective put together a plan for the future. Starting with Summer 2014, the HFLA team wanted to make a slow and gradual transition from its Core (Rookie) pieces through summer and fall towards a bright future. HFLA was formed in May 2013 and is now starting its full second year. With our calendar starting in summer, our collection seeks to move the Homme + Femme name through summer into fall and beyond.

Why not move forward? Why wouldn’t we take this opportunity to express ourselves? Rules are for followers. HFLA never sought to follow rules. We certainly had no other options, no fancy fashion education or recommendations, no celebrity cosigners (to start) and no startup capital at all. The Coco sweaters were our last roll of the dice and by our estimation, we lived to create another day. We have always lived and created culture, taste and driven our peers in other avenues. From event planning, to “connecting social dots,” to even interning at once flourishing brands, we have paid our dues. The Coco and Lagerfeld simply paid us some collateral. Now we're to today.

The Designer Tribute Mesh Jersey

The core of summer is our mesh jerseys and our bottoms. The mesh jerseys were created in our initial collection of sweaters but were never properly pushed because of budget, so we decided to give them a real push this summer. The Designer Tribute Mesh is another tribute, which honors the designers new and old who we are influenced by. The bold #90 represents the greatest decade of our life’s: our early years.

Iggy Azalea, representing our fave decade with the Designer Tribute Jersey.


The Babylon Mesh Jersey

The Babylon Mesh Jersey features Ishtar Babylon, looking over the globe man and woman with major cities represented at the bottom. The woman represents fertility, love, war and sex. We sought peace for all of the local areas of Los Angeles represented on the back with the “Homme”.

Chris Brown in the Babylon Mesh Jersey.


The Jesus Christ Mesh Jersey

The Jesus Christ mesh was a representation of our faith, honoring Jesus Christ and wearing him on our chest and backs. The 33 represents his age at death and the cross symbolizes his sacrifice.

Soulja Boy in the Jesus Christ Mesh Jersey.


The Mesh Bottoms

The mesh shorts were conceived to introduce us into the production of bottoms. With spring and summer seasons coming we didn’t want to join the leather joggers trend and we didn’t want to move past our key standards. In the Coco and Lagerfeld sweaters we developed a quality standard, an aesthetic standard and an intent to always do what no one would try. We wanted soft, light and comfortable bottoms, so we decided to use mesh. We had to include our favorite zippers and three classic stripes, so we took to computer paper with our pens and drew a concept. We tested it for months before we made our final decisions. The bottoms feel great and they have a strong, unique look. The trousers remind us of basketball warmups and the shorts are similar to that of the game worn shorts. Paris fashion week meets the NBA Finals!

Chris Brown in the Mesh Joggers.


The 187 Long Sleeve

The 187 long sleeve was initially a collaboration with a friend and was added to summer 2014 to signify the death of all our previous fears and beliefs. In urban culture 187 is a call for murder and the M-16 rifles are most accurate in killing of our past obstacles.


The Layer T’s

The layer T’s to us are an advancement of culture. Most objections to high fashion come from ignorant beliefs about those of an alternative lifestyle. But as humans, we are all subject to the same emotions and we believe they are expressed differently. What differentiates a baggy t-shirt from and an oversized t-shirt? Cultural insight? Our layer T’s are a modern infusion of culture. A black, white or grey t-shirt that can be stylishly worn by all of humanity.


The Screenshot T’s

Our screenshot T’s are a summer look at technology. Throughout everyday life, we are glued to our mobile devices, entertained and trained. The Information Super Highway is our truth and our news. Why not acknowledge Homme and Femme? Rick James, a rock star born into poverty and expressed all the way to affluence, represents HFLA’s “cant lose, no holds bar, don’t give a fuck” attitude towards the moves we make and Twiggy is the high-end patriarch, style and grace we also embrace.

The Game in the Twiggy Screenshot Tee.


Naturally our collective will be loved or hated and that is fine. We have no assurances moving forward. There is no guarantee. We move forward with the sole intent to create alternative concepts and collections. We do know there are many more like us around and those are the ones who continue to support us. Summer is in fact transitional. It is our transition from rookie to sophomore year. There are no slumps ahead. Only hours of work, content creation and execution. Our unique summer collection is us stepping out of our comfort zones and into tougher work. Have you heard of HFLA? Yes, and we want it to be more than “that brand that did those sweaters”! Our mesh bottoms and tops will be key wardrobe and lifestyle pieces because they are comfortable, thoughtfully constructed and abstract. Moving forward, we will create off of our emotions and experiences. We will always seek an athletic and functional twist and we won’t care about any opinions besides those of our loyal following.

Homme + Femme Collective



Join us for a look "Behind The Scenes" for Summer Twenty-Fourteen.

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We're proud to present our Summer Twenty-Fourteen Collection for you to enjoy and authentically express yourself. This Collection includes original designs and ranges from mesh tops to layering pieces, all of which are now available. Stay tuned for bottoms and raglans dropping soon, as well as the return of our Core Collection.