Bombs Away












 Can we talk our shit for a quick second? Don't want to pop off too hard because humility means a lot in this industry and life in general, but... 


#HFLA started two years and 7 months ago to this day. Every day has been a learning experience and every day this big chip sits on our shoulders. Every day we wake up trying to prove more. Many doubters and far more supporters drive us and for that all we can do is keep going hard. 2016 for us is bombs away. Better Better Better! 


Our New site layout now features a unique email me when a product restocks feature. One week with that feature and you guys have requested the Classic Bomber and Future Hoodie Beige the most. Of course we will listen to the people and restock but how about some new twist! 

Introducing Our Classic Bomber Jacket take two. Updated Hardware will now be YKK Premium Zippers, Genuine Leather Stripes and an elevated Nylon Material. Once you slide the jacket on, middle eastern silk will be smooth on your skin. Oh yes and not to forget a thicker ribbing material and back arm stitch seams for that current style. On a scale of one to ten with our old jacket being a 10, this elevated bomber is a 15. We will continue to elevate our product and construct it for its longevity. Pre-Order Tuesday $120, or pick it up on drop day February 13th for $150. Love Your Support #HommeFemmeLA


Photo'd @Orcinooo @Jennalyyy Picture Credit @Avspz

Deep Olive Classic Bomber


Middle Eastern Silk Lining Like Butter

Back Arm Seems Elevate Your Profile


New York Giants Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. In Our Black Classic Bomber


 Future "@Future" Taking Flight In The Classic Bomber Jacket

Chris Brown First Ever In The Classic Bomber


K-Pop Star of Group F(x) Amber Liu @llama_ajol