Three Moves Ahead

I guess when your stars align
You do like the solar system and plan it out

-Big Sean, "Blessings"

To Follow up on, "The Process And The Future Pullover," blog below here we are in the process of selling and producing our first collection of 2016. The fashion game goes like this for us... 1. Idea, 2. Putting that idea on paper, 3. Bringing that idea/product to life, 4. Editing that idea/product and making it better, 5. Photo-shoot, 6. Sales, 7. Production, 8. Marketing, 9.Delivering and finally the most important part selling the fuck out of it and if you missed out, maybe pay closer attention. If you made it through that paragraph of steps to sum it up, we are now producing our first collection of 2016. It is set to deliver early february and yes here are some peeks. We plan on being here for a while, so lets start archiving things. Homme + Femme 2016 (Current Year), Year 03 (Our Years In Business), Delivery One (First Of 4 Deliveries). Your continued support of #HFLA keeps us going. Your input is gold and for your loyalty we will never sleep until each and every one of you is proud of us! Holiday drops in two weeks, its Lit! The Holiday Look-book will drop soon with the blog of course! Heres three months ahead tho, three moves ahead because your in tune with us. Work Ethic is our 2016 Direction. Our advise, dream it, plan it, accomplish it. #HFLA