The Process and The Future Pullover


We started HFLA with no idea of our future besides our daily task of making dope designs at Starbucks and scraping our money together to produce them. With no resources and no finances it was hard to say the least. One thing that we always held our hat on was our ability to be resourceful and find the materials and the people. 

The future pullover represents both our persistence and our defiance. Our persistence to make futuristic products and our defiance in not listening to or abiding by the alleged rules. Our first future pullover featured a washed indigo denim with modal cotton blend with a velcro patch that was supposed to house a detachable Logo. With our USA embroidery source totally letting us down we got two days before the drop and decided to just go without it. It worked well and the customers loved it! The second generation future pullover had to be a learning experience and we had to get you a better price. In fashion there are many steps and levels which we learn and grow from daily. Production of a product can be a hassle and the stories of how a product gets to you vary. We decided to monochrome and went with white denim and black cotton. Quality is everything so we kept the high end made in LA zippers. Branding is key and we learned from Spring 15 so we decided to slap the HFLA logo right on the denim. Besides the hype what if I told you we actually planned our collections months in advance? Would you believe that in our second year and 6th month with no idea we would be here right now that we are actually on a schedule? Ha ha of course we are because we are striving to take it to the next level. Thats one key thing you should know about HFLA. No fancy educations, no mentors, no big business plan with allocated budgets, at first. With everything now being strategic it takes careful planning and close attention to detail to plan multiple item collections. So we totally didn't book our modal for the bottom of the pullover early enough and ended up weeks before the drop with no modal because our source was sold out and with custom fabrics it takes six weeks to mill the fabrics. Backs against the wall again we pre sold 312 pullovers to stores globally and needed at least 100 for our own site. 1.3 yard of denim per sweater, 0.8 yards of modal needed per sweater two custom corn tooth zippers with high end pulls, 1 yard of draw string cord, elastic for the cuffs and send out to printers for the HFLA print, we still needed modal. One of the finest cottons in LA was missing and if we couldn't find it your future pullover would not be made. Minus the loss in profit and the lack of future. Minus the fact that we teased via @HommeFemmeLA months in advance. Minus the fact that it was august 28th and our fall drop was 20 days away, we ended up inside skid row, Downtown LA at a hebrew closeout fabric market where we found modal, yes!! It was better than the one we had before, more stretch, more breathable but only 95 yards, "Sad Face." Before we hang our heads in defeat we crack one more question and it should always be there question you ask before you give up on anything..... Is there another option? Of course there always is and this veteran textiles boss says of course I have a Bamboo organic cotton but its not in your price range you specified. It was about 3 dollars more per yard. I have 700 yards but if you take it all I will match your price.... Think think, check the account, ok lets do it! 

Now you have your future pullover with an organic Bamboo Cotton, its a few steps better quality than before and we did lower that price. We might not have met our profit expectation but hey, we made a better quality product and we delivered. We took another step in our growth and you showed your true support and bought yours and even referred a few friends. Thanks for the emails and the DM's. We have some extra Bamboo on our hands and we're gonna restock! 

Hope we didn't bore you with the process of delivering Homme + Femme. And if you ever decide to do this for yourself, never give up when it gets tough.